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The cooperation with TEAM was professional, pragmatic and productive throughout the entire process. On this basis, we were able to quickly arrive at practicable solutions.
Michael Timimi, Leiter Logistik
glaskoch B. Koch jr. GmbH + Co. KG
What ultimately convinced us about ProStore® was the modular structure of the software, the high flexibility as well as the good presentation and structuring of all intralogistics processes. It was also important to us that the system could be expanded in order to be able to react to the future dynamic requirements of the trade.
Ralf Kohlmeyer, Deputy Head of Logistics
With the introduction of ProStore®, we finally have uniform workflows. This also allows us to train new employees much faster.
Christian Tanzer, Warehouse Manager
Wolf ButterBack GmbH
For Pietsch, it is extremely important to provide customers with the stock items overnight. Since extensive reorganization and the introduction of ProStore®, we have been able to meet this demand reliably even with increasing order numbers.
Markus Graf, Head of Department IT and organisation
The Importhaus Wilms and TEAM have been cooperating closely and successfully for years. The result is a reliable and innovative logistics, which benefits our customers as well as our company
Uwe Sauerwein, Head of Distribution Center
Importhaus Wilms / Impuls
The versatile functionalities of ProStore® comparable references and especially the possibility of making partial commissioning have influenced our decision in favor of TEAM.
Andreas Starck, Factory Manager
Eisbär Eis
TEAM has been proved to us as an innovative and reliable partner who understands how to implement our high individual requirements for a warehouse management system.
Bernd Richter, Managing Director
Rila Feinkost Importe
With TEAM, we were able to achieve a high degree of automation, which ensures the required flexibility due to standard components and modules.
Manfred Meiser, Logistics Manager for baking ingredients
TEAM GmbH has supported us optimally in Oracle licensing. This partnership continues to build on mutual trust and awareness of TEAM's deep expertise in Paderborn of Oracle technologies and the often opaque Oracle licensing guidelines.
Jürgen Fröhler, Head of IT-infrastructure
PFLEIDERER Deutschland GmbH

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Oracle Administration Services for ABUS

Due to TEAM’s many years of experience, ABUS decided to operate an Oracle database system. The project also included the implementation of a Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Linux as the operating system basis.

ProStore® goes Veggie

Berief Feinkost GmbH is expanding its existing production and storage capacities – the management of the new warehouse is carried out with the TEAM solution ProStore®.

Keep cool – bofrost* launches into the digital future with ProStore®.

bofrost* is the European market leader in the direct sale of ice cream and frozen specialties. Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Straelen on the Lower Rhine, the family-owned company operates 247 branches in 13 European countries. More than 4 million customers appreciate the seamlessly closed frozen food chain, first-class freshness and guaranteed purity and taste.

DAW SE benefits from Oracle Administration Service

The basic concept of an active-passive cluster was created by TEAM for each site with the appropriate infrastructure to ensure transport security. Furthermore, older database versions were migrated to the current Long-Term Release 19c.

Warehouse management software enables future-proof logistics

The existing central warehouse was reorganized and a new warehouse management system was implemented with ProStore®. The improvements achieved are impressive: "By reducing throughput times and parallel work, we have been able to increase the pick-up capacity in the company center by 30 percent and minimize pick errors by 50 percent," says Thomas Kaps, Head of Logistics, Diesel Technic.

"Team convinced from the beginning with competence and created a sense of partnership." Dr.-Ing. Steffen Vondran, CEO, Diesel Technic AG

Keep Cool – even when it’s hot

With the construction of a deep-frozen high-bay warehouse, Eisbär Eis increased storage capacities by 200 percent and external storage costs were reduced by 40 percent. The standard logistics software ProStore® takes over all tasks of warehouse management and material flow control – including dispatch processing for finished goods.

"The versatile functionalities of ProSore®, comparable references and in particular the possibility of partial commissioning have influenced our decision in favour of TEAM." Andreas Starck, Factory Manager, Eisbär Eis

“Fresh Life” in Elsdorf Logistics

The Heideblume dairy has established a modern, highly automated logistics center in Elsdorf. In order for everything to function smoothly, the logistics software ProStore® is used.

"We have found the right IT partner in TEAM and the right software in ProStore® and are confident that we will continue to successfully master future tasks together." Michael Sievers, Logistics Manager, Heideblume Molkerei

ProStore® supports growth at FRIGOSPED

FRIGOSPED GmbH has commissioned TEAM with the implementation of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) ProStore® and the realization of an individual web portal for FRIGOSPED customers and service providers.

High-tech on ice

It began with the century project "Schottke 2000". FRoSTA invested heavily in a state-of-the-art production line, a new raw material warehouse as well as in a stacker guidance system to optimize logistical processes. The threads of the TEAM logistics software ProStore® are now running together. All extensions and modernizations were implemented during operation with a new interface to ProStore®.

"With the construction of the new warehouse and the introduction of ProStore® in all operational areas of FRoSTA AG, logistics were significantly improved. All operational processes are fully automated and paperless. The costs have been reduced and we can show a significantly improved readiness to deliver." Logistics Department, FRoSTA AG

Innovative logistics for innovative food solutions

Since 2010, ProStore® has been optimizing all logistical processes along the material flow – from goods receipt to complete warehouse management, production connection and dispatch. The solution includes a radio-supported forklift control system, paperless picking, the integration of batch tracing and a direct connection to the process control system.

"By introducing an automatic storage location search, we wanted to support the employees, but not restrict them by overly rigid specifications. With the additional manual storage, ProStore® gives us the necessary flexibility in the processes." Michael Schütt, Head of Purchasing & Logistics, GoodMills Innovation GmbH

Future-oriented business development

TEAM optimizes in-house logistics based on the standard software ProStore® in the logistics center of the aluminum specialist heroal. The new logistics concept is based on state-of-the-art technology concepts and systems with, for example, mobile radio terminals, a stacker control system, etc.

Save time and reduce costs with optimized processes

By introducing ProStore® in conjunction with paperless order picking, Heimeier has consistently exploited the optimisation potential in finished goods logistics. ProStore® controls all processes from the time of transfer from production and ensures that the market can be supplied “just-in-time” and in the desired quantity with thermostatic valves & Co. The highlight is a weight check integrated into the order picking process. “The lack of IT support to date represented an incalculably high risk to our operational reliability. These times are now over. Our processes have clearly gained in transparency and efficiency. And that strengthens our future viability.” Andreas Rose, Dispatch Manager, IMI HEIMEIER

Optimal logistics for fresh ideas around grain

With ProStore® all production items, storage and shipping units are tracked and logged back at all times.

"In addition to an integrated systematic quality management system, logistics offers important parameters for continuously improving services and maintaining maximum customer satisfaction. This secures our position in ever more differentiated markets." Stefan Soiné, Managing Director, IREKS

"With TEAM, we were able to achieve a high degree of automation, which ensures the necessary flexibility in the future thanks to standard components and modules." Manfred Meiser, Logistics Manager Baking Ingredients, IREKS

Oracle Database Appliances | Oracle Administration Services – K+K Klaas + Kock B. V. & Co. KG

The family-run food company has relied on Oracle Administration Services (OAS) and Oracle Database Appliances (ODA) from TEAM since July 2018. In this project, the productive database was backed up by a standby database on the second ODA. The ODAs are equipped with Standard Edition 2 (SE2) licenses. The management software used here is Dbvisit Standby version 8.

Kühlmann relies on ProStore®: Efficient flow of goods for delicatessen products

Heinrich Kühlmann GmbH & Co. KG, based in East Westphalia, is now one of the most important delicatessen manufacturers in Germany. In future, all finished goods logistics will be handled in a new logistics centre. The cold store, in which the finished goods are stored, assembled and commissioned in various storage areas, covers an area of approx. 11,000 square metres.

Increased transparency and high-quality materials for high-tech plastics

With the introduction of ProStore® and the integrated RFID system, the logistics processes have been made more transparent, efficient and safer.

Warehouse Management System ProStore® for LEONARDO

Glaskoch B. Koch jr. GmbH + Co KG – known for its LEONARDO brand – has redefined its logistical processes and commissioned TEAM GmbH to introduce the warehouse management system ProStore® at the beginning of 2016. “The cooperation with TEAM was professional, pragmatic and productive throughout the entire process. On this basis, we were able to quickly come up with practicable solutions.” Marcus Weiß, Head of Operational Organization, glaskoch B. Koch jr. GmbH + Co. KG

MEFA on expansion course

The company MEFA Befestigungs- und Montagesysteme GmbH in Kupferzell, known as a globally active producer and supplier of comprehensive fastening solutions, is investing 20 million euros in a new production and logistics centre. From spring 2017, the TEAM solution ProStore® – intralogistics and warehouse management is to be used in the new building to optimise the control of all future goods flows.

Oracle Administration Service for MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH

Since February 2018, the company has relied on TEAM's Oracle Administration Services. Extensive work was carried out to automate various operational processes and migrate a database. In addition, TEAM optimized the backup concept for a new backup environment.

OAS in use at Mohn Media Mohndruck

Since July 2018, TEAM has been supporting parts of the Oracle database landscape at Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH with its 24×7 Oracle Administration Services (OAS) and administering several Oracle RAC systems, each with multiple databases.

Logistics for the fresh milk industry

With the help of ProStore®, the Osterhusumer Meierei Witzwort eG is now able to process significantly more dairy products in high quality at the logistical level and thus has positioned itself in the challenging market environment of dairy processing companies for the future.

"The project team showed great flexibility and acted very prudently. The two-stage approach during the software introduction ensured that our customers were supplied at all times." Tore Frauen, Sales Manager, OHMW

Peter Greven – Integration of the dispatch warehouse into ProStore®

Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG has been using ProStore® at various national and international locations for many years. From incoming goods to production and shipping, all logistical processes are monitored and controlled with ProStore®.

Optimal Oracle licensing

"TEAM GmbH has optimally supported PFLEIDERER Holzwerkstoffe GmbH in the field of Oracle licensing consulting, and we have worked together to create creative solutions that have been successfully implemented both in terms of licensing, as well as economically and technically TEAM in Paderborn in the field of Oracle technologies and the often opaque Oracle licensing guidelines." Jürgen Fröhler, Head of IT Infrastructure, PFLEIDERER Deutschland GmbH

From the washer to the boiler – reliable overnight delivery for the specialist trade

The Pietsch Group has extensively reorganized and expanded the in-house logistics at the central warehouse in Ahaus. The entire material flow – from the goods receipt to the goods issue – is now (almost) covered by the ProStore® logistics software. "We are convinced that we have made the right choice with TEAM and ProStore®. It is extremely important for Pietsch to supply customers with the articles in stock overnight. Thanks to the extensive reorganization and the introduction of ProStore®, we are now in a position to reliably meet this demand even with a further increase in order numbers." Markus Graf, Head of IT and Organization, Pietsch

Logistics for fine cuisine

In the modern logistics center of Rila Feinkost Imports, ProStore® provides the fine cuisine for logistics. The system is responsible for the control of all logistical processes up to picking, as well as for inventory monitoring at all storage locations.

"TEAM has proven to be an innovative and reliable partner for us, who knows how to implement our high individual requirements for a warehouse management system." Bernd Richter, Managing Director, Rila Feinkost Importe

Successful introduction of the warehouse management system ProStore®

By investing in the new warehouse management system, Sanitop-Wingenroth creates a further significant and sustainable increase in efficiency and flexibility in logistics, and enables it to react more quickly and better to the dynamic requirements of the trading partners.

"What ultimately convinced us about ProStore® was the modular structure of the software, the high flexibility as well as the good presentation and structuring of all intralogistics processes. It was also important to us that the system could be expanded in order to be able to react to the future dynamic requirements of the retail trade." Ralf Kohlmeyer, Deputy Head of Logistics, Sanitop-Wingenroth

STAMAG in Vienna expands logistics capacities

In the future, TEAM’s Warehouse Management System will control the conveyor technology and the stacker cranes of STAMAG’s high-bay warehouse with the material flow computer integrated in ProStore®.

Agile logistics for the “intelligent house technology”

In the course of a comprehensive optimization, TECE is leveraging the potential of the warehouse management software ProStore®, which is the basis for the integration of a paperless, voice-controlled picking and a stacker control system. At the logging center in Emsdetten, logistical processes are literally “on the road” in the existing warehouses.

"As the sum of the two, we have been able to increase picking capacity and thus throughput by around 50 percent." Dirk Osterhoff, Head of Logistics, TECE

TEAM migration project from Oracle Reports to JasperReports® successfully implemented for Tönnies

Together with TEAM, target architecture, templates, and style references were defined and change requests were integrated into the migration. Thanks to the use of the Jasper4Oracle server, Tönnies now has a system migration with minimal effort.

From Oracle Reports to JasperReports®

TEAM's Jasper4Oracle server was used to easily integrate JasperReports® into the existing Forms projects. VDM Metals was thus able to migrate its reports and independently develop new JasperReports® in a very short time.

ProStore® heats up the warehouse through innovative warehouse control

With ProStore®, warehouse processes have become leaner, faster and more transparent. Faster stock turnover also means lower average stock levels and thus lower capital costs.

"Consistent centralization and system integration bring us a lot more efficiency, especially by adhering to in-house standards. This begins with routine tasks such as system maintenance and data backup, which today are automatically initiated by the data center, and includes such a sophisticated subsystem as ProStore®." Heinz-Josef Schnorbus, Head of Information Processing ERP, PLM, Viessmann IT Service GmbH

Westermann relies on high-performance ProStore® 10

ProStore® 10 was introduced at Westermann in stages. Stage 1 covers existing ProStore® functionalities with warehouse management and inventory management, replenishment of the picking areas as well as other cross-sectional functionalities. In stage 2, additional functionalities will be introduced. According to current planning, stage 2 will go live in the 4th quarter of 2021.

Traceability, Pick by Voice and more

The Warehouse Management System ProStore® guarantees a transparent and smooth flow of goods at the Wilms warehouse. The result: a reliable and innovative logistics which benefits both customers and Wilms.

"Importhaus Wilms and TEAM have been working closely and successfully together for years. The result is a reliable and innovative logistics system that benefits both our customers and our company." Uwe Sauerwein, Head of Goods Distribution Centre, Importhaus Wilms/Impuls

ProStore® for frozen premium baked goods

For 25 years, Wolf ButterBack KG – a company of the Martin Braun Group – has been developing and producing frozen premium baked goods. For a third factory, a warehouse management system including a material flow control system is used for the integrated control of the finished goods logistics: ProStore®.

"We are pleased that we have selected TEAM as a partner for this project and are enthusiastic about the competent and cooperative cooperation with the committed employees." Christian Adelmann, IT Group Leader, Wolf ButterBack GmbH

"With the introduction of ProStore®, we finally have uniform workflows. This also allows us to train new employees much faster." Christian Tanzer, Warehouse Manager, Wolf ButterBack GmbH

"The merging between picking and full pallets takes place in ProStore® within the high-bay warehouse. There, individual pallets and customer orders are combined into tours and already transported to the loading location in the correct loading sequence." Stefan Merl, Deputy Warehouse Manager, Wolf ButterBack KG

"I find Pick by Voice to be a really great picking system as opposed to our old paper system. With our old paper system, we always had to carry a picking slip and always look at it to see which item we needed and what quantity we needed. The Pick by Voice system does away with all that, because the headset now tells us exactly which item we need to pick and how many pieces we need to pick." Xaver Tenscher, warehouse employee, Wolf ButterBack KG

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