Facts and Figures about TEAM

As a long-standing Oracle partner, TEAM specializes in the conception and realization of modern software solutions based on standard software or as an individual development. TEAM is entitled to provide companies with tailor made, forward-looking solutions and architectures so that the return on investment is achieved within the shortest possible period of time. Our close partnership with Oracle provides us with excellent opportunities to transform cutting-edge technology into practical solutions quickly.

TEAM was founded in 1982 in Paderborn and now has a stuff of 90 employees, most of whom are graduate IT specialists, mathematicians or engineers. Continuity and a low fluctuation level ensure a high degree of project competency. As an IHK-accredited training employer, TEAM is committed to nurturing new talent.

TEAM became an integral part of the Materna group of companies in 1997. Materna is one of the largest privately managed IT companies in Germany. It currently employs more than 4,250 people worldwide. In 2023, the group´s annual revenue amounted to some EUR 650 million. As a System Integrator, Materna works for numerous major German Companies and is active in the public sector, too. For instance, in collaboration with the German Ministry of Finance, Materna developed and implemented the new ATLS customs administration systemas well as the leading provider of mobile and fixed-line solutions for network operators, service providers and private companies.

The Managing Directors are Rainer Appel, Heike Käferle and Jessica Steger.

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Since 1995 we have been regularly certified.
Our current certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


The TEAM-Philosophy

Based on Partnership

TEAM’s goal-oriented and partnership-based business ethics, with regard to customer service, is its top priority. As such, this is the basis for successful IT solutions that helps create a long-lasting benefit for the customer.


The key to the understanding of complex IT solutions is the realization that many people, systems and technologies are involved within the process. TEAM will always happy to be responsible for that integration, supported by intensive partnerships with hardware and software providers, consultants and planners.


TEAM, therefore, is looking forward to seeing you again and again in the future. This is how long-term and trusted partnerships are created. Ask our customers.  Just click here!

The TEAM Bee

Clear in communication, methodical approach, goal-oriented in implementation, these characteristics of the bee, shape our entrepreneurial style. If you see a bee in the future – just think about the TEAM in Paderborn.