ProStore®-Module Inventory


The module Inventory of ProStore® enables the implementation of a permanent inventory or a deadline date. Inventory lists can be created for this purpose, which can be used for documentation during the physical inventory. Furthermore, the key date can be carried out with mobile terminals. The Inventory procedure must be agreed with the respective auditor.

The Permanent Inventory

ProStore® supports the Permanent Inventory (full-time inventory, inventory when a configurable inventory is picked during picking) and a deadline date (free-of-charge date).

The Inventory Lists

Inventory lists are created for counts. A list can be created for a storage location, a zone, or an article. The list can contain empty spaces. When using the permanent inventory, only the storage locations for counting are listed, which have not yet been counted in the current fiscal year.

The execution of the counting according to the lists can be carried out with a mobile terminal.

Under-year counting of articles

The article master can be used to initiate a sub-year counting for the article. The picker taking the first pick from the tray is then prompted by the application to perform the count.

Transfer to the ERP solution

Reports on inventory differences in the context of permanent inventory are transferred directly from ProStore® to the ERP solution. Logging of the booking is possible.

Depending on the authorization level of the user who carried out the booking, log messages can be displayed in various escalation stages in the control room or e-mails can be sent to the responsible persons.

At the end of the day, the inventories are transferred to the ERP solution by an authorized user after the check. The user releases the transfer in the ProStore® dialog.