APEX - Application Express

TEAM uses the fast framework of Oracle - "Application Express" for software development for simple applications. The framework with which you can create attractive data-driven web applications in short development cycles.

Create cost-effective database applications - flexible and passable

APEX as a free database feature for all Oracle databases is the ideal foundation for web-based applications that are tightly connected to the Oracle database.

Together with the customer, we analyze and assess the individual requirements and develop scenarios and solution concepts according to the needs. TEAM is available as a support in individual areas, the entire solution or as a developer.

Oracle-Technologies: Oracle APEX

Oracle has developed APEX in the database for the database. With a web-based development interface, the applications are strongly declaratively developed.

The development environment is fully integrated with the administration tools into the database. This eliminates the need for additional server components and allows a quick and cost-effective entry into database development.

The development interface:

APEX offers a variety of very attractive surface components for the creation of forms tables, charts, calendars, etc. A variety of wizards also allow beginners to create sophisticated surfaces.

An example:


The TEAM trainings take place on fixed dates in Paderborn. The trainers first provide the theory of the training subject and deepen this through practical case studies.

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Oracle APEX


The workshops are tailored individually to the training requirements of the participants – thus an optimal learning time is achieved.

TEAM offers workshops tailored to your specific training requirements. We would be happy to create a workshop for you together with you.

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