APEX - Application Express

TEAM relies on Oracle's fast framework - "Application Express" for software development for simple applications. The framework that allows you to create engaging data-driven web applications in short development cycles.

Webcast 1: APEX for beginners

In the webcast “APEX for beginners” it will be shown on the basis of easy-to-follow examples how a database application can be created even without programming knowledge.

After a short introduction to the structure of APEX, the practical part will follow.

Video is in German.

Cost-effectively create database applications – flexible and custom-fit

APEX as a free database feature of all Oracle databases is the ideal basis for web-based applications, which are firmly connected to the Oracle database.

Together with the customer we analyze and evaluate the individual requirements and develop scenarios and solution concepts, according to the needs. TEAM is available as a supporter in individual sub-areas, the entire solution or as a developer.

Oracle Technologies: Oracle APEX

Oracle has developed APEX in the database for the database. With a web-based development interface, applications are developed in a highly declarative manner.

The development environment is completely integrated with administration tools in the database. This eliminates the need for additional server components and provides a fast and cost-effective entry into database development.

The development interface:

APEX offers a multitude of very appealing interface components for creating forms tables, charts, calendars, etc.. A large number of wizards enable even beginners to create sophisticated interfaces.

An example application:


Business processes can be modeled with “APEX and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)” and implemented with APEX.

For this purpose, TEAM has integrated a workflow engine into APEX.

A good part of the code in an application relates to the procedures or business processes that are to be implemented with the application.
to be implemented with the application.
Here, the status of an order is recorded and the function is enabled depending on this.
As soon as a process is changed, adjustments often have to be made in many places so that everything works together again.

This code can simply be omitted. Instead, the modeled process is executed.

Webcast 2: APEX and BPMN

In the second webcast, “APEX and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)”, you will learn how you can easily implement complex business processes using a workflow engine with APEX.

Video is in German.

BPMN is being used more and more for the representation or
process more and more frequently.

However, it is also possible to use BPMN for the execution of the process.

Thus, the documentation and the implemented process always fit together.
In the case of large processes, the overview is maintained and changes to the process can easily be made in the model.

TEAM has combined APEX with an open source workflow engine and extended it. Both in APEX and from within the engine, processes can be easily accessed and package calls or SQL statements can be issued.

Consequently, you can create the interface and data management in APEX for the processes and execute the workflow in the engine.


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