The ProStore®-Module Picking


Within the scope of order processing, ProStore®supports various commissioning procedures and procedures. Various commissioning techniques can be used.

Commissioning techniques ProStore®

The following picking procedures are available:

  • Single-Order-Picking

    Picking individual order

  • Multi-Order-Picking

    Summary of several orders for simultaneous picking

  • Batch Picking

Summary of different orders for a picking wave or a picking basket with subsequent sorting of the pick quantities to the individual orders

  • Pick & Pack

    Picking directly into a suitable shipping packaging

    In this case, picking can be carried out according to the principle of “man to goods” (eg picking in a pallet rack) as well as “goods to man” (eg picking at an automatic warehouse lift).

Commissioning techniques ProStore®

Various commissioning techniques can be used to carry out commissioning.

ProStore® supports in the context of paperless picking

  • The use of mobile terminals (forklift terminals, handheld terminals, tablets, etc.)

  • The Picking by voice control (Pick-by-Voice)

  • The integration of Pick by Light as well

  • Put to Light

Document-based picking by means of pick lists is also possible.

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