Logistics Intelligence with ProStore®

Analysis of data - generation of key figures in the logistics environment


How effective is the logistics of a company, where are the strengths and weaknesses and where do measures offer the best prospect of increasing the efficiency of the entire system? In order to answer these questions, a large number of data must be analyzed.

With ProStore®-Logistics Intelligence you get the answers. It offers comprehensive possibilities to analyze key figures from the logistics process and to derive strategic decisions.

For this purpose, the data from the operational processes are transferred to a separate warehouse database and made available for interactive and dynamic queries.

In addition to the data from ProStore®, the Logistics Intelligence module can also integrate information from other systems.

With a comprehensive data base, ProStore® Logistics Intelligence facilitates the evaluation of logistical processes. Another advantage is the easy manageability of the data as well as a high degree of flexibility.

Processes that have been changed can be immediately imaged with very little effort.

ProStore® Logistics Intelligence offers preconfigured evaluation options, for example via goods receipts, goods handling, picking, goods exits and transports as well as for stocks. Further evaluations are provided by the customer.

Functional Overview of the ProStore® module Logistics Intelligence

  • Combination of data from different systems and preparation to logistic numbers

  • Flexible compilation of ads through web technologies

  • Easy adaptation to individual requirements

  • Predefined evaluation possibilities

  • Simple definition of evaluation intervals

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