ProStore®-Module Billing of Logistics Services


With the ProStores®-module billing of logistics services, you can easily create invoices for the services you provide at the push of a button.
For this purpose, the work incurred along the material flow is defined in advance and automatically recorded when it is performed. The basis for this is formed by a large number of possible key figures with which activities, events and statuses can be measured.

Fast calculation with high transparency

As a rule, these key figures are determined automatically on the basis of the business processes supported by ProStore®. In addition, it is possible to manually record events and actions that occur without the involvement of ProStore®.

With each customer requiring intralogistics services, those process activities are included in an individual contract that exactly meet their needs: quotas, minimum prices or price variations (e.g. per item) are possible. They are recorded either by number or duration. In addition, storage space quotas can be reserved and invoiced.

Invoices are generated instantly and on a daily basis at the push of a button. If required, they can also be forwarded to a financial accounting system. Precise logging makes every activity transparent and traceable.

Logistics service providers are not the only ones to benefit from the use of the service accounting module (= warehouse charges). Purchased services performed in the company’s own warehouses can also be invoiced. These services are often performed by external companies, for example, as part of an employee leasing arrangement.


Convincing functions of the service accounting (storage money)

Capture services and key figures:

  • Automatic, fine-granular recording of services provided.
  • Alternatively, manual recording of additional expenses
  • Extensive configuration and monitoring options

Up to 44 different services by type and number:

  • Goods receipt per pallet
  • Storage of storage aids
  • Relocate
  • Repacking
  • Picking by number and time
  • etc.

Invoicing at the push of a button for contracted services:

  • Monthly or on demand
  • Services by warehouse location, invoice recipient and cost centers
  • Grouping by VAT type and rate
  • Manually add, release and correct invoice items as well as cancel and repeat entire invoices
  • Invoicing of purchased services

Your benefits

  • Faster calculation and billing


  • Automation of many tasks, tally sheets eliminated


  • Fewer errors due to automatic or semi-automatic document generation .


  • Connection to external accounting system possible


  • Immediate transfer of key figures, for example, to financial accounting


  • Simple evaluation of stored data


  • High transparency of all services provided

We are happy to advise you

around the billing of logistics services (storage money)