TEAM as an Oracle Platinum Partner License management


The Oracle license is complex and complex. Do not wait to be surprised by an Oracle audit. You can already protect yourself against expensive errors when licensing Oracle software.

Ideally licensed by the advice of TEAM

Licensing software is a very complex issue. Since 2005 the list of licensed Oracle products has grown to more than 200! Over the years, there have been changes in licensing metrics and technologies. At the same time, the transfer of the rights of use means the liability of the companies to observe all Oracle licensing rules correctly.

Are you sure that you are properly and inexpensively equipped with Oracle licenses?

Let the Oracle Platinum Partner TEAM advise you!

Specially trained employees identify and document the actual use of the software and ensure a comparison with the license. We also offer expert advice on the acquisition of new licenses, ensuring transparency and security that Oracle software is used in a contractual manner.

To analyze the actual Oracle products used, TEAM uses the Oracle-verified tool of Novaratio.

With TEAM always properly licensed!

With TEAM as an independent partner for your license management

  • Make sure you are using existing licenses correctly
  • Avoid the purchase of licenses for unused software
  • Create license mirrors and maps
  • Optimize license models and maintenance contracts
  • Reduce liability risks for illegal software use (personal liability of the management)

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