ProStore® Module Strategy Engine


With the Strategy Engine module, the user is given the opportunity to influence the behavior of the solution from outside through configuration without programming. Changes in the organization of the customer can be so simple and flexible. The strategy engine is often used in the field of storage, storage and replenishment strategies.

Support for free-float strategies

The Strategy Engine is a form of dynamic configuration. In doing so, rules for different task settings are defined and the user can adapt these independently and without any programming effort.

In addition to the processes for warehousing or storage location searches, for example, release strategies are supported during picking and replenishment by dynamic rule sets. In the concrete implementation, the strategy engine is a hierarchical system, which at the top level includes the described strategy types, oriented to the respective business process.

The strategy types are divided into individual strategies, such as within a release strategy after different release times.

Rules for flexible use

The concrete rules are then defined within a strategy and can be individually activated or deactivated.

Within these rules, of which up to 100 different possibilities are used in complex strategies, all conditions are formulated in concrete terms and are defined by links and priorities.

By using these rules, the user can flexibly decide when, for how long, and for which area the previously determined rules apply.