PostgreSQL - Object-relational database management system

PostgreSQL, often called Postgres for short, is a free, object-relational database management system. It meets all requirements of a data management system, is extensible and at the same time free of license costs. Since PostgreSQL is very close to Oracle in language and structure, porting is easy to implement.

TEAM supports you both in the migration and subsequent operation of your databases.

Reduce your database costs and rely on PostgreSQL!

Our features for you

  • Open source license: can be installed, used and modified free of charge
  • SQL-compliant database
  • Extension with self-defined data types, operators and functions possible
  • Flexible full text search
  • Comprehensive transaction concept
  • Efficient execution of simultaneous database accesses
  • Good language support of e.g. C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Phyton, etc.
  • Cross-platform
  • Encryption
  • High availability, including replication to distribute data across multiple servers
  • Standby database: archives all transactions on the standby servers working in recovery mode
  • Point in time Recovery

We support you with the following tasks:

Remote Services

Remote Services

  • Operation incl. 24×7 hotline
  • Monitoring
  • Incident Management


  • Installation
  • Migration from other DBMS to PostgreSQL
  • Administration
  • Backup und recovery – strategies and implementation
  • Update- und Patch Management
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Consulting regarding infrastructure and migration

Comparison Oracle – PostgreSQL

InformationWidely used, generally applicable RDBMSWidespread, generally usable Open Source RDBMS
Database modelobject-relational databasesobject-relational databases
LicenseCommercialOpen Source
DeveloperOracle Open-Source-Community
Operating systemsUnix-Derivate, Linux, WindowsUnix-Derivate, Linux, Windows
Transaction behaviourACID*ACID*
Transaktionsloggingyes – REDOyes – WAL
Multitenant Architectureyes (Enterprise Edition only)yes
Authorization concept finely adjustable user concept possiblefinely adjustable user concept possible
Standby databaseyes (Enterprise Edition only)yes
Procedural languages PL/SQLPL/pgSQL + other languages
Concurrency concept*yesyes
In-Memory Functionyes (Enterprise Edition only)no
PartitioningDifferent methods of partitioning (Enterprise Edition only)Partitioning as Range, List and Hash

*ACID: atomicity, consistency, isolation und durability

*Concurrency concept: support for simultaneous execution of data changes

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