ProStore®-Module Warehouse Tasks


ProStore® supports warehousing with dynamic storage space allocation and hard disk space management. All possible bearing systems from ProStore® are supported. The administration can be carried out manually in open warehouses or by fully automated systems.

The storage zone

By defining a storage zone, different storage locations (even in different storage locations) can be logically combined. The purpose of a storage zone is primarily the storage of items which are to be stored in certain areas. It is configurable whether an article is preferably to be stored in an assigned storage zone or stored in the assigned storage zone.

Classification of articles

An ABC classification of the articles can be maintained manually or by an automatic calculation. For all articles for which an automatic calculation and updating of the ABC class is activated, the ABC class is determined with the current values and compared with the value entered at the article master. If they differ, the new ABC class is entered.

Other storage tasks

Rearrangements of individual pallets can be initiated within a storage location and between different storage locations via a corresponding ProStore® dialog function. In addition, AdHoc rearrangements in ProStore® can be initiated directly by the forklift driver via the stacker control system.

Management of transport trolleys (trolleys with several containers / compartments for storage, picking, etc.)

Reorganization of the storage areas on the basis of various criteria such as ABC classification, fixed location allocation, expert heights, etc.

The storage strategies are defined using the strategy engine.