The ProStore®-Module Traceability


With the Traceability and Batch Tracking module, you always have an overview of all bearing movements. All product movements in ProStore® can be displayed Transparently in clear dialogs. For example, it is clear which ingredients have been incorporated into which products. At the push of a button, the Traceability can be represented over the entire process chain.

Traceability at the push of a button

One of the main tasks to ensure Traceability is the matching of material flow and information flow.

As a rule, the information is already available and has to be compiled from the systems used and then processed for evaluation, “only somehow” – that is, with a high manual effort.

The Traceability module provides you with this information automatically. It integrates existing systems via interfaces, bundles the data relevant for Traceability, and offers various evaluation functions.

Transparent tracking

Within the Batch Traceability, the NVE numbers of the individual pallets are also recorded. It is thus also possible to track which customers have received goods from a specific picking pallet (NVE) from the picking warehouse.

Transparent Traceability of all stock movements in the warehouse (pallet movements, quantity changes, including order reference, time stamps, etc.).

Selection criteria of Traceability

Traceability of the batches over the entire batch tree (top-down and bottom-up) from the raw material/supplier overproduced finished product to the customer.

Depending on the viewpoint (raw material – goods receipt – production – finished product – customer), Traceability information can be displayed according to different selection criteria.