ProStore®-Module Order Management


ProStore® expects the necessary customer or shipping orders from the superimposed ERP or merchandise management system. In the order management module, the planning, processing and release of these orders are made for picking and shipping.

Order processing / picking

  • Overview of the orders delivered by the ERP solution.
  • Manual or automatic release of orders for reservation.
  • Cancel order clearance and reserve stock.
    A release of the order release and the reservation of the stocks is possible, if the picking has not yet begun. Otherwise, there is the possibility to cancel the order on the part of the ERP solutions.
  • The reservation run divides an order item into a full pallet and a picking proportion for each picking zone.
  • The exact reservation strategy is defined using the strategy engine.
  • Creation of picking orders with different order types (single order pick, multi-order pick).
  • In ProStore®, the picking is structured into picking areas and picking zones. A picking area is defined by different responsibilities or different locations (including outlays). The order items transferred by the higher-level system are automatically assigned to the defined picking areas.
  • The picking area contains one or more picking zones. The picking zone differentiates different picking systems (pick list, mobile picking, pick-by-light, pick-by-voice etc.) or structurally separate picking storage locations (eg dangerous goods storage).
  • A picking zone with chaotic picking location administration and fewer places than items to be picked is supported by ProStore® by “premature replenishment”. On the basis of the order supply for the next day, the picking zone is filled with the required items and unnecessary articles are stored back into the replenishment area.
  • Generation of transport orders for replenishment of the picking warehouse depending on the released orders by ProStore®.
  • Generation of pick and transport orders for picking or outsourcing of all pallets.
  • Consideration of negative picking.
  • Provision of the commissioned quantities (containers, pallets, etc.) in defined areas (transfer areas, delivery areas, goods issue).
  • Uncoated picking with the help of mobile terminals
  • Printing of picking and order documents/customer labels

Cancellation of orders

  • Order changes and cancellations from the ERP solutions to the loading of an order:In general, ProStore®makes it possible to change order positions to loading. Depending on the process progress, however, not all changes can take place fully automatic, since e.g. Already picked goods has to be returned. The procedure, for example, in the case of a cancellation or a reduction in the order quantity, is as follows: If a contract quantity has already been picked, a manual dereervation of the relevant order item is performed and the difference quantity is posted. The re-storage/re-storage is a new goods receipt.

Order consolidation / consolidation

  • Provision of the commissioned quantities (containers, pallets, wagons, etc.) in defined order gathering area/consolidation zones.

  • Packing and booking individual picking items on LHMs taking into account weight of items.

  • Printing of package lists.

  • Generation of transports of the packed LHMs into the dispatch area in which the tour is provided.