ProStore®-Module Quality Assurance


Depending on the check mark, ProStore®- Warehouse Management and Intralogistics allows you to record quality-relevant data as part of the Goods Receipt process. As a consequence, the goods are processed as free, blocked or quarantined in the logistics processes.

Quality assurance for improved processes

The functions of the Quality Assurance module at a glance:

  • Management of stocks with different quality statuses (in quarantine, free, blocked, blocked for special use, etc.)
  • The QS status is stored as a 2-digit abbreviation. The abbreviations and their meaning (free, locked) are configurable. The allowed transitions from one state to another are also configurable.
  • Processing of batch releases and barriers through the ERP solution.
  • Overview of goods receipts with QA status.
  • Blocking and releasing batches as well as on pallet / container level.
  • In addition to blocking and releasing, the deposit of a special use by a quality record (QP number) eg for incisions. The QP-No (quality log number) can be used to specifically label goods for special use at the container level and to refer to them in the customer and / or production order. This provides a more general functionality for the purposeful reservation of goods than is the case with the specification of a batch no. (The ProStore® is of course also supported).
  • ProStore® supports customs clearance, customs clearance and finishing.