ProStore® VR Training Employee training in virtual worlds

The ProStore® module VR training


Training via "Virtual Reality" (VR) enables employees not only to acquire processes theoretically, but also to test and consolidate them directly in practice. When training with VR glasses, full physical effort is required - performed VR procedures are experienced immediately and therefore immediately internalized.

The ProStore® VR training opens up the potential of virtually trained employees for intralogistics for the first time!

The advantages of ProStore® VR training:

  • Added value through reduced training time
  • Error prevention
  • Reduced entry barriers for foreign language employees through visual experiences
  • Customer-specific picking processes can be experienced and checked at an early stage once they have been defined (e.g. during customer acceptance)
  • KeyUsers can be trained before the Go-Live
  • Rare and therefore particularly error-prone activities can be trained specifically

With ProStore® into the virtual world

The ProStore® VR training uses the latest second-generation VR glasses which, with their responsiveness, display quality and wearing comfort, enable immersion without prior knowledge or preparation.

The training is also fully integrated into ProStore®.

It uses > ProStore® WebSLS in the virtual environment:

  • Use of available stocks
  • Access to the created users
  • Evaluation of trainings possible (training results, duration, open training needs)

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